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Do you like Star Wars? I hope so, because starting 2015 you're getting a new Star Wars film every year!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Big news out of CinemaCon in Vegas. Disney has announced that starting Summer of 2015 we will get a new Star Wars film every year until the end of time... or they stop making money, whichever happens first.

The plan would be to start with JJ Abrams' Episode VII and then altnerate between the new trilogy and these spin-off films. That means every two years we'd get a continuing story film with these stand alone films filling the gaps every other summer.

If you needed any further proof that Abrams will only direct one film this is it. Unless they decide now to shoot them all back to back Peter Jackson style there's no way he can do it. He'd have to be in full prep on Ep 8 during the biggest crunch time of post-production of Episode 7.

It's exciting times. This yearly release model has served Marvel well and will work like gangbusters on this new era of Star Wars films... provided they don't suck.

Anyway, thought I'd pass that bit of info along. At that rate, we'll have a new completed Star Wars Trilogy by the summer of 2019. Excited yet?

-Eric Vespe
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