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LONE RANGER lets loose with 6 personality posters

Hey folks, Harry here...   I still don't really have a feel for Gore Verbinski's LONE RANGER.   Not really sure of the tone of the film or really what is at stake.   Apparently we'll have a ton of train action, but beyond that...  we'll see.  I'm a huge fan of the Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels LONE RANGER, but I've also listened to the old Radio Show and read LONE RANGER comics when he had the Red shirt.   When THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER was in production when I was a kid, I was terribly excited about it, until I saw that stillborn film.   I have to trust in Verbinski, as he has pretty damn fine instincts as a filmmaker - but Depp's TONTO strikes me on the bizarre side of the street.  I'm on board to check it out, but from the trailers and spots - I've really no idea of these other characters and their role in what one would think Disney would be positioning as a big part of Frontierland and a franchise to drive Disney's Wild West.   Some of these have been out, but I just figured I'd share all 6 with ya:


Armie Hammer - LONE RANGER

Johnny Depp - Tonto

Helena Bonham Carter - Red

Ruth Wilson - Rebecca Reid

Tom Wilkinson - Latham Cole

William Fichtner - Butch Cavendish

Personally - I'm really looking forward to seeing William Fichtner's Butch Cavendish - it should be a damn fine role!

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