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Pitch Perfect 2 locked for a 2015 release! Aca-mazing!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There aren't many films I would say I like as "guilty pleasures." I don't really believe in that term. I like a movie or a don't and I'm not the kinda guy that ironically likes movies, which is becoming more and more prominent with those damn kids today. "Oh, did you see Oogieloves? It is sooooooo amazing."

I get the fascination of watching a trainwreck, believe me, but to then hold it up as unintentional genius is a bit too far for me.

I say all this so that when you read about me loving Pitch Perfect you realize I'm not one of those guys that likes movies they're not supposed to like. When the film opens with a ton of vomit I realized my expectations were way off and by the time we are introduced to a soft-spoken psychopathic Asian chick I realized the commercials that promised a bubbly cute Step-Up style cash-in were hiding a darkly funny comedy.

So it is with great pleasure that I can pass along that Universal is going forward with Pitch Perfect 2 for a 2015 release, with Kay Cannon returning to script.

Yes, please.

-Eric Vespe
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