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The Vulcan Vault: TOTO THE HERO (1991)

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John Ary here with another edition of The Vulcan Vault...

This week our buddy Neil takes us to Belgium, for a poignant piece of drama, told from the perspective of an untrustworthy protagonist. Toto the Hero follows one man's entire journey through life. We see his earliest memories as a baby, his turbulent childhood, his excursions into the make believe world of a private eye, his heartbreaking middle age years and finally his life as an elderly man plotting revenge against a life-long rival.

Jaco Van Dormael weaves a brilliant story that utilizes flashbacks and is punctuated by a song that will stay in your head for days after hearing it... Boum! Quand notre coeur fait Boum!

Toto the Hero is available on a South Korean DVD release, a region 2 DVD, and VHS. There also may or may not be an unofficial copy of the film with English subtitles streaming on YouTube right now. If you want to see more episodes of The Vulcan Vault, be sure to subscribe to the AICN YouTube channel and check back in here every Tuesday.

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