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New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Character Posters!! + A Smidgen Of Giacchino's 'Harrison' Badguy Theme!!


Hot on the heels of that recently released and somewhat controversial Enterprise poster come some character-specific promos for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, releasing May 17 in the US (with advance screenings beginning May 15).  I've yet to see a US version of the Kirk shot - I'll swap it out herein should I stumble across one.  The others come to us via Apple.  

They sure are pretty...

STID - Uhura

STID - Spock \

STID - Cumberbatch

STID -Kirk


Also, composer Michael Giacchino was recently in Switzerland for a STAR TREK LIVE TO PROJECTION event, where he previewed the villain's theme from INTO DARKNESS.   I hear hints of what might be Khan(ish) music in there?  Or, do my ears deceive me?  

At the same event, Giacchino was asked about his association the new J.J.Abrams-directed STAR WARS EPISODE VII (a logical question given Giacchino and Abrams' long-standing association).  Paraphrasing:  he's very excited to hear more John Williams' STAR WARS music - moreso than hearing his own music for STAR WARS.  Make of this what you will.  




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