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Bryan Singer teases a Patrick Stewart as Xavier in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST on Set!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Man, I am terribly excited about X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE'S PAST.   The cast is pretty phenomenal even by X-MEN standards and  it is certainly the best storyline that they've yet attempted, promising us some of the shit we've been wanting from the beginning.   And while we begin the long process of being geeks waiting for more and more images from set, details leaked through the cracks, the trailers, the posters and all the incessant rumors of quality....   we smile, or at least I do, because I didn't think I'd get to see Stewart being Xavier again until this project came about - and between that and McKellen's Magneto...   and their amazing younger counterparts...   Yeah, this is just going to be great.   Here's the pic:  

Patrick Stewart

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