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THE WAY WAY BACK trailer promises a great coming of age movie!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It seems to be the year of sci-fi and coming of age movies (and that Shyamalan flick is kind of a coming of age sci-fi flick, isn't it?). I've been able to catch The Kings of Summer (super good) and The Spectacular Now (great), but there's still one big Sundance coming of age movie that I have yet to see: The Way Way Back.

I'd read reviews, knew it was about an awkward kid who befriends Sam Rockwell at a water park and falls in love over the summer... thankfully not with Sam Rockwell... this isn't a Todd Solondz movie... All that's totally up my alley and then the trailer sealed the deal.

Steve Carell looks like he's playing a giant asshole, Sam Rockwell is the coolest dude in the world (a given), AnnaSophia Robb is a worthy teen crush, Dean Pelton is in it and Liam James looks perfectly, authentically awkward for our protagonist.

I'm in. Now it's time to watch the movie, right? When's it coming out again? JULY?!? Awww...

-Eric Vespe
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