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THE HANGOVER PART III Trailer Gives You An Idea Of How The Trilogy Is Going To End!!

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The biggest complaint levied against THE HANGOVER PART II is that it follows the exact same formula as the first movie. Well, give Todd Phillips some credit for THE HANGOVER PART III; he's thrown away that "wake up the next morning and try recalling your night of debauchery" premise and moved onto something else in order to wrap up what's being called The Wolfpack Trilogy. 

This time out, Doug gets taken... again... this time by John Goodman looking to use the gang and his new hostage as extra incentive to retrieve some cash from Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) that was taken from him. Their end game looks to be get the money, get Doug, get the hell to safety. 

The new trailer from Warner Bros. has a few good laughs sprinkled throughout, most of which come from Zach Galifianakis' Alan... then again, some of the more groan-worthy moments also come from him, so this could be a lot of hit and miss, especially where Chow is involved, as the character just seems really stale these days. With any luck, the studio is holding back a lot of the bigger laughs for Memorial Day Weekend, when the Wolfpack will have to be on top of their game or risk getting beat down by the FAST & FURIOUS 6 crew.

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