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Noah Emmerich Is The Last Major Piece To JANE GOT A GUN's Puzzle!!

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It's been a long and nasty road for the indie Western JANE GOT A GUN to finally head into production - director drop-offs, casting shuffles, the whole nine. However, with the film finally into production for a few weeks, with Gavin O'Connor at the helm and Bradley Cooper filling the void that was left by Jude Law's departure, everything seems to have settled into place for the film to proceed without further issue. But there was one piece to the puzzle missing, and that was the very reason Natalie Portman's Jane got a gun in the first place - the film hadn't yet announced who would play Jane's husband, the real target of the gang that Jane decides to fight against. 

Deadline reports that Noah Emmerich has taken the role, marking the fifth film he's teamed with O'Connor on (the previous being TUMBLEWEEDS, MIRACLE, PRIDE AND GLORY and WARRIOR). He also worked with the filmmaker on FX's THE AMERICANS, whose pilot was directed by O'Connor. 

Emmerich is always one of those under the radar actors who puts in good character work whenever he's called upon. I still remember his involvement in THE TRUMAN SHOW vividly as Jim Carrey's best friend. Sounds like a positive addition to a film that needs every bit of good going for it that it can muster.

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