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America And China Team Up To Take On Hackers In Michael Mann's Untitled Cyber-Thriller!!

Michael Mann on the set of PUBLIC ENEMIES

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Some more details are trickling out about Michael Mann's as-yet-to-be-titled cyber-thriller that he's set to make next, starring Chris Hemsworth, and not only does it sound like the type of film Mann does best, it also sounds like the industry's continuing shift to make sure they rake in some of that Chinese paper when they're tallying up the box office receipts. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mann's next picture will center around a U.S.-China task force that is in hot pursuit of a hacker located somewhere in Southeast Asia. The task force would consist of both American and Chinese intelligence agents looking to take down this credible threat which hails from the Balkans. 

Hollywood has been working their hardest to depict the China in a positive light (Remember the whole shift in the enemies of the RED DAWN remake...?), because those films will be allowed to be shown to audiences in the country, resulting in bigger dollar amounts at the box office. Do you know how many people live in China? A LOT... so it behooves Hollywood to make the country look as good as possible or else they risk not being able to tap into that market... and what better way to do so than by starting to incorporate some Chinese heroes?

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