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The Vulcan Vault: ON THE AIR (1992) From David Lynch And Mark Frost!!

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John Ary here with another edition of The Vulcan Vault...

Today, we're going back to the summer of 1992 when ABC executives, hungry to match the early success of Twin Peaks, gave David Lynch and Mark Frost the order for a a new sitcom. Unfortunately by the time the show was ready for air, they cancelled Twin Peaks and pushed On the Air back to summer, killing it by the third episode.

After watching all 168 minutes of this off kilter program, I sincerely believe it exemplifies the genius of Lynch and Frost as a team, with its bizarre gags and extreme characters. Sorry about the strange subtitles in the video, but the best quality of the show I could find came from a Japanese laserdisc dub.

Outside of the original VHS release here in the states, Lynch fans haven't had a good way to see these episodes. That is a true shame. If you want to see more episodes of The Vulcan Vault, be sure to subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel and check back in here every Tuesday.

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