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Jim Carrey officially reteams with Ace Ventura director Steve Oedekerk for RICKY STANICKY!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Jim Carrey looks absolutely awesome in Kick-Ass 2. There's a fire in his eyes, an excitement to play an over-the-top character while not being embarrassed by the rest of the movie around him. It reminds me of why I loved Jim Carrey to begin with.

So, I view his decision to finally commit to Steve Oedekerk's goofy comedy about a bunch of childhood friends who blame all their mistakes on a non-existant friend named Ricky Stanicky a good one. Ace Ventura may have been a long time ago, but I don't mind them trying capture that spark again. In fact, if they announced tomorrow that Carrey was doing another Ace Ventura movie I'd do a backflip. Well, in my head I would. I can't really do a backflip without breaking something crucial to my well-being, but the sentiment still stands. I love both Ace Ventura movies, so bring on another few dozen.

While I might not get that, we will at least see what Oedekerk and Carrey can deliver with this flick.

-Eric Vespe
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