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Here's a couple of HANGOVER 3 TV spots to hold you over for the big trailer!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. While we have the trailer hitting in a measely coupla days, who got time to sit around and wait for that? Not me! Not when I have a full minutes worth of HANGOVER 3 TV spots sitting right in front of me!

I mean, who doesn't want to pour over every detail of this final film in the Wolfpack Trilogy? We all know that comedies work best when we can see most if not all the jokes out of context ahead of time.

Look! Snark! I'm actually a big fan of the first Hangover film and I dig what they tried to do with the second, making it super gritty and escalating the fucked up nature of things, but this third one looks all sorts of "remember when you thought this was funny?' to me. But it is only two TV spots that were stitched together to make a 1 minute slightly repetitive trailer.

Look! Giraffes are tall jokes!

-Eric Vespe
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