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Robert De Niro And Edgar Ramirez Step Into The Ring For Roberto Duran Biopic!!

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Robert De Niro is getting back into the boxing movie business. After just wrapping the boxing picture GRUDGE MATCH with Sylvester Stallone, De Niro is set to play trainer Ray Arcel, alongside Edgar Ramirez who is committed to playing former champion Roberto Duran in Jonathan Jakubowicz's HANDS OF STONE (which was Duran's nickname - "Manos de Piedra"). Deadline reports that the film to be written and directed by Jakubowicz would focus a great deal how those two men's lives were changed by their partnership, in addition to showcasing Duran's in-ring rivalry with Sugar Ray Leonard, building up to the famous "No mas" fight. 

Duran finally retired back in in 2002 at the age of 50, finishing with a record of 103-16, with 70 victories by way of KO. The year of his retirement, he was selected the #5 fighter of the last 80 years by The Ring Magazine, and is arguably the #1 lightweight boxer of the 20th Century. 

Duran is quite a historic figure when it comes to boxing, particularly at a time when the sport really meant something, so I hope Jakubowicz can do this one justice. I'm very curious to see Ramirez's work here, as this may be the role to take him to the next echelon of actors as far as the industry is concerned. 

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