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Nifty Featurette Shows Off Some Stunt-And-F/X Wizardry From The Set Of OBLIVION!


Beaks here...

Yes, this is EPK (Electronic Press Kit) fluff, but at least it's mildly informative fluff; it exists to both promote Joseph Kosinski's upcoming OBLIVION and give audiences a sense of the effort that goes into making movies. This is much, much better than lazily dumping eight out-of-context scenes online. I loved watching EPK featurettes on cable back in the day (the one for THE ABYSS was a favorite), and imagine anyone who cares enough to watch supplementary material prior to seeing a movie would prefer this to randomly selected scenes. It's fun to watch top professionals create movie magic.

I mean, you've already seen this scene in every trailer and commercial for OBLIVION. Might as well get a glimpse into how they pulled it off.


OBLIVION hits theaters April 19, 2013.

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