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Kiwi cannibal horror comedy FRESH MEAT gets a trailer!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm a sucker for Kiwi horror comedies and have been since I happened upon a copy of a little movie called DEAD ALIVE in my early teen years.

Nothing has topped Peter Jackson's early masterpiece of gore and insanity for me, but there are a bunch of talented film folk down New Zealand way that keep going for it on big and small scales. Whether it's Jonathan King's great were-sheep flick BLACK SHEEP or even Hell Pizza's crazy long violent and abrasive interactive adventure advert about a delivery guy trying to deliver a pizza during the zombie apocalypse (click here to check that out, it's totally rad), those Kiwis keep bringing the fun.

I hope that this new entry, FRESH MEAT, lives up to its predecessors. It stars go-to New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett, you know) and seems to be about a family of suburban cannibals. That in and of itself is a great little subgenre. If Fresh Meat ends up fitting nicely into a triple bill with Parents and Eating Raoul, I'll be over the moon.

Anyway, the film is playing Tribeca and the trailer has hit the internet. Give it a look:


-Eric Vespe
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