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A Trailer For Ron Howard's Formula One Epic RUSH, Starring Chris Hemsworth!! DAYS OF THORNDER??

I've never actually seen a Formula One race, although a track was recently completed and opened here in Austin, so I'm hoping I can get out there next time around.   Strangely, I've had Hans Zimmer's DAYS OF THUNDER theme stuck in my head as en earbug for two weeks now - not sure how or why this happened - but maybe this'll help to dislodge it.  Or maybe it'll only re-inforce it - as IMDB says Zimmer is scoring this film as well!

Set in the 70s and sporting, evidently, an interesting visual style to reinforce that period (lensing by Anthony Dod Mantle - 28 DAYS LATER, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, ANTICHRIST),  RUSH stars Hemsworth alongside Olivia Wilde in a picture which'll hit this Fall.  

Trailer vis MSN...


This looks rather intersting and all, but what I wanna know is: wher's the sequel to DRIVEN?  




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