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Ain’t It Cool’s TV Critic Chats Up BUFFY Babe Emma Caulfield!! Plus Learn What Herc Thinks About The New EVIL DEAD, The WALKING DEAD Finale, Tomorrow’s GAME OF THRONES, Leno, Fallon And The Great Roger Ebert!! Listen And Call In LIVE Saturday 8pm PT/11pm ET!!

I am – Hercules!!

Loads of nerd news to talk about this this week, plus we have a live, exclusive interview with the great “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” player Emma Caulfield, who arrives to plug her newish “Contropussy” paperback.

I’d love Emma anyway because she played a perfectly hilarious demon-girl named Anya Jenkins, but she also owns a half-poodle that looks a lot like my full-poodle.

Twice a week, Emma creates MyDamnChannel videos that amuse me greatly:

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