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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day’ll swallow yer soul!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Picture.

I have a BTS pic that is tangentially related to Roger Ebert, but I’ll post that tomorrow. It’s fitting that I stick with my planned photo, from the making of Evil Dead 2, because ED2 was actually well-reviewed by Ebert in a time when most print critics wouldn’t be caught dead liking such insane gore fun.

So, with a nod of the hat to Mr. Ebert and in acknowledgment on tonight’s release of the Evil Dead reboot, I’ve gone ahead with this great shot featuring man-god Bruce Campbell facing down the evil, possessed Henrietta, which just so happens to be a big ol’ hand puppet on the arm of a very, very young Greg Nicotero (who recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Greg!).

Many thanks to Michael Heintzelman and the PEG for this pic. Enjoy!


If you have a behind the scenes shot you’d like to submit to this column, you can email me at

Tomorrow’s pic will be a repost, but one done for a good reason: to honor the late, great Roger Ebert.

-Eric Vespe
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I’ve got a lot of maintenance work to do on the previous BTS articles, but you can visit two pages worth of images (beware of some broken links thanks to the last server shift): Click here to visit Page One and Click here to visit Page Two

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