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The New PAIN & GAIN Poster Celebrates America, Manliness, And Possibly Dong Size!!

I laughed quite a bit at the PAIN & GAIN redband trailer which hit not too long ago (see it HERE), although I'd been anticipating this film for some time beforehand.  I'm thinking this might by a great (and conceptually appropriate) vehicle for director Michael Bay to unleash his particular brand of comedy - which sometimes seems to sneak into projects where it's not entirely wanted, but seems to quite work well when pushed into a proper venue.  I.e. testacle jokes aren't terribly welcomed in a TRANSFORMERS picture, but make total sense (and may even be welcomed) in a BAD BOYS film...or here. 

Looking forward to seeing how P&G shakes out when it hist screens later this month.  Until then, here's a new poster which nicely upholds the attitude we've seen in footage from the film thus far.  This via MSN...


P&G new poster




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