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John Ary's JURASSIC PARK Trivia Challenge Video!!

John Ary here with an AICN exclusive.

I've been trying to get Harry for the longest time to start up a science and technology section here on the site, but he's been busy with other stuff.

Considering Jurassic Park will hit theaters again this weekend in 3D and I had a little extra time to kick around in my basement laboratory, I decided do a some groundbreaking scientific research involving DNA, dinosaurs and the human genome. (Please don't tell Harry, but I may have stolen a bit of his DNA to use for my new biogenetic experiment.) It is my belief that the world will eventually be taken over by a new race of super-dinohumans and when that happens, you can tell your friends that you read about it first right here on Ain't It Cool News. If this brave new world is to become a reality, I need your help!

I've hooked my latest experiment up to this interactive video. By helping me answer Jurassic Park trivia questions, together we will hatch the man of tomorrow...

Good luck!

[NOTE: interactive annotations may not work on all mobile platforms] 


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