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James Gunn reveals new Rocket Raccoon production art for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

Folks, Harry here...   Can you believe this?  We are actually getting these movies.   Today I was reading SWAMP THING 50 and looking at Bissette's art and thinking, Guillermo is gonna knock this out of the park.   And then I was checking my Facebook before turning in and I saw this new profile pic from James Gunn.  I guarantee - every boy and girl in this country is gonna do back flips for Rocket Raccoon - and you will too.   He'll kick the shit out of TED.   Tear him to fluff.   Blow him up and flambe' him.   Take a look at this piece Gunn released:

Rocket Raccoon Prod Art 1

Beyond just the fantastic look of RR himself, I love the orange jumper with weapon straps criss-crossing him.   I also love the moody look of the piece - a very haunted planet look.   With Gunn, they've got a director that won't think any of this is weird or odd.   He gets it.   I really can't wait for a great plush Rocket Raccoon with Big Ass Gun.   

For now, I just have to make this the background on my computer.   I love it so much.  I'd just die if they got Moroder to do the score for this.  

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