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Liam Hemsworth Is Might Be THE RAVEN!


Beaks here...

Ricardo de Montreuil made quite a splash in 2010 with the above trailer for a potential sci-fi/superhero feature titled THE RAVEN - which would appear to have nothing in common with Edgar Allan Poe's poem or Henri-Georges Clouzot's LE CORBEAU. It does, however, owe a depressing debt to DISTRICT 9, MINORITY REPORT and countless other modern sci-fi flicks. But reminding people of shit they love seems to work with these calling card videos, and de Montreuil is clearly talented, so good for him, I guess.

In any event, Universal and de Montreuil are moving forward with a feature based on the short, and, according to Deadline, they're currently in talks with Liam Hemsworth to play the lead. The screenplay is by Michael Gilio and Justin Marks (STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI). Production will begin in June. I hope they come up with something that isn't so drab and derivative. I'll be shocked if they stick with that title.

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