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Kimberly Peirce Examines The Aryan Brotherhood's Prison Reign In THE BRAND!!

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Fresh off her remake of CARRIE with Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore, Kimberly Peirce is back to the heavy material that her directorial career has been filled with, set to helm THE BRAND, which examines the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang's reign in spite of its leaders being held in solitary confinement over the years. The film comes from David Grann's 2004 article in The New Yorker on the subject, with Alessandro Camon having penned the script, per Deadline.

The Aryan Brotherhood managed to control drug dealing, prostitution and so much more in maximum security facilities, even as their leaders were seemingly cut off from the rest of the general prison population. This small group was known as "The Brand," and used a series of secret communication codes to maintain their power, all while being pursued by the U.S. Attorney trying to nab them on their in-house practices. 

THE BRAND will focus on a young recruit into their system who eventually defects after rising up fairly high in their hierarchy. 

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