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You KNOW You Want To Laugh At This Trailer For GROWN UPS 2!!

Published at: April 3, 2013, 1:06 p.m. CST by merrick

I saw 2010's GROWN UPS and remember next to nothing about it, which I suppose means it neither impressed me or offended me - which seems to be the MO for a majority of Adam Sandler's films.  Amiable vapor.  

This said, the trailer for its sequel...due in theaters this July...made me laugh quite a bit.  And it made The Kidd laugh too.  No small accomplishment in either case.  I mean...the car wash.  Deer piss.  That's gold right there.  

GROWN UPS 2 - which returns the first film's director (Dennis Dugan - UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with a script which is again by Sandler and Fred Wolf, who are this timed joined by Tim Herlihy (Sandler's MR. DEEDS, BEDTIME STORIES).  



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