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This Next Trailer For THE CONJURING Starts To Reveal A Few More Scares!!

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The last time we got a trailer for THE CONJURING, we got a good sense that James Wan's new horror film should be a force to be reckoned with in the summer months. We got enough without getting too much, and between its build and its tone, THE CONJURING cemented itself as one I am quite excited to see once July rolls around. 

Today, Warner Bros. has put out a new trailer (via the film's Facebook Page) that reveals a bit more of the film's story structure, not to mention a few more of its scare pieces. There are still a few months to go, and I wish we weren't getting as much as we are this early in the game, because, at this pace, there will be nothing left to frighten the audience once we get to the film's release... but once again, this appears to be an excellent bit of horror waiting for us on the horizon.

Take a look and judge for yourselves.

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