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A Classic DOCTOR WHO Nemesis Gets A Cool Facelift In This New Image From BBC!!





What we have here is an image freshly Tweeted by BBC showing a Zygon - whose return to DOCTOR WHO had been previously and circuitously hinted at by Team Moffat.  These villainous bastards first appeared on 'classic' DOCTOR WHO in a 1975 Tom Baker episode called Terror of the Zygons.  They looked sorta like this...

original Zygon (DOCTOR WHO)


Here's the new version, via a Tweet which originates HERE.  This imagfe is EMBIGGENABLE!  

new Zygon (DOCTOR WHO)


Very similar design, with beefed-up rib work and fewer sucker thingies around the chin/neck.  I like it, and can't wait to see this in action.  As they're evidently shooting DOCTOR WHO's 50th Anniversary special blow-out this week, and BBC has been tweeting images from script readthroughs for that episode and whatnot, it's likely safe to assume that a Zygon (or two?) will be appearing in that 50th Anniversary special.  

To me, this guy's face (particularly the eyes) looks a lot like Dan Starkey, who plays Sontaran Strax on nuWHO...



We'll see if I'm right soon enough.  Stay tuned!  




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