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Your First Look At Dale Barbara, Julia Shumway, Angie McAlister And Big Jim Rennie!! See What Happens When Truck Meets Mysterious Invisible Forcefield!! WonderCon Weekend Brings Footage From CBS’ Stephen King Miniseries UNDER THE DOME!!

I am – Hercules!!

I must say, news-hen Julia Shumway is way hotter on TV than as described in the book.

Yes, that’s Dean Norris, “Breaking Bad’s” DEA brother-in-law Hank Shraeder, as trapped evil electred official and car dealer Big Jim Rennie. (It’s going to be a huge summer for Norris, am I right?)

“Under The Dome” is based on the Stephen King novel about a small municipality suddenly and mysteriously enclosed by an invisible, spherical forcefield.

The guy who directed the European “Girl From The Dragon Tattoo” directs at least some of the miniseris from teleplays by longtime “Lost” writer Brian K. Vaughn.

The first of 13 episodes hits CBS June 24.

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