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Guillermo Del Toro chats about JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK at WONDERCON

Hey folks, Harry here... far from the hallowed halls of Wondercon, but thinks to the internet, we're all kind of at Wondercon.  Moriarty, in his secret identity as Drew McWeeny of Hitfix fame, was moderating the PACIFIC RIM panel - and when Guillermo was asked about JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK - he gave an update.

It is not intended to be his post-PACIFIC RIM project, that's still his CRIMSON PEAK - the Bronte'-esque Haunted House flick he's making for LEGENDARY...   But it is seeming more and more likely that Guillermo could go for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK after that...   He has finished the "Bible" for the film and intends to announce the screenwriter shortly.  

Then he said that Constantine would be the central character that recruits and discovers the origins of the different members as the story is told...  which sounds like what Superherohype was hypothesizing 11 days ago! I'll get into that in a second.  But what got Wondercon really excited was when Guillermo said his Constantine would have Blonde hair...   So let's hope he casts Daniel Craig.   Guillermo mentioned that Swamp Thing would be at peace with who and what he was, but that DEADMAN was still searching for the man that killed him.   

Alright...   So let's examine this project.  Guilermo Del Toro has completed a bible for his Justice League Dark film, which is to have Constantine recruiting the members for some as of yet, unspoken cause.   

The Superherohype theory is that Guillermo is adapting the epic beginnings of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK with Alan Moore put together on the midst of CRISIS ON IFINITE EARTHS back in 1985.   The one that Alan Moore wrote back in the day.   This story calls for the DC characters of Cain & Abel.   You got the big names like Deadman, Spectre, Swamp Thing, Doctor Fate, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, John Constantine, Etrigan the Demon...   Not to mention The Great Evil Beast, The Presence, Sargon The Sorcerer, Ghast, Abnegazar, Baron Winters and Mento.

The story takes us to The House of Secrets, The House of Mystery, Wintersgate Manor and Hell...  and that folks is just the beginning.    This strange group were called upon to not just save all existence, but HEAVEN as well.   It is one of the greatest team up stories ever written - and calls for shit that will blow your mind.   

Now - it's a story that was part of a united DC universe - all the comics were feeding into the Crisis story.  And it was one of the best Publisher Wide storylines to invade comics.   I'm gonna need to pull the issues and refresh my memory, but if Guillermo is only inspired by this storyline, which knowing his love of Alan Moore and Swam Thing - Remember HELLBOY 2, the plant monster?   Mhm, this will be unbelievable.   It's the exact sort of bold step that DC needs desperately to do.   From this one movie you can birth interest in dozens of characters - all of which are awesome on their own.   It'll be interesting to see if this storyline is the basis - or how Guillermo has reformatted it.  But it sounds write for what Guillermo has been not so vaguely hinting at.

Seems the PACIFIC RIM audience fell massively in love with Guillermo, so much that by the time they saw a Giant Robot pick up an Oil Tanker Ship and slap it upside the face of a Giant Monster...   - They just totally lost their minds.   I'm still dying to see if it actually was an Oil Tanker - because some described it as a cargo ship - and still others called it a Cruise Ship (that's a ruined vacation!).   Anyway - there's just so much speculation - and it is still at least 2-3 years off, if not more.   Still, could be one helluva audacious kick in the cinematic ass.   

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