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The Next Trailer You Should Watch Is This New One For YOU'RE NEXT!!

The Kidd here...

I've been trying to stay away from a good bit of the YOU'RE NEXT buzz for awhile, as I've heard all sorts of praise heaped upon it. I'm a big fan of the home invasion horror subgenre, but, there's always the danger of overhype ruining the experience for you, as the "greatness" so many others have proclaimed sometimes just turns to "good" and you're left with feelings of disappointment. We don't get to see this one in full until August 23, but this first trailer released today by Lionsgate gives us a pretty nice glimpse into what awaits us.

I love the nice, calm, peaceful tone the trailer kicks off with before things are thrown into upheaval and chaos with the presence of these frightening home invaders. And just like THE STRANGERS, facelss intruders coming with masks like this have the potential to really haunt you, so here's to hoping YOU'RE NEXT is next in the line of horror flicks that really deliver some excellent scares.

-Billy Donnelly

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