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Want to see Alex Jones in a short film called THE SINNER?

Hey folks, Harry here...  With Easter Coming up, I find myself thinking back upon SXSW, I had a chance to check out a short 35min film by Charles Wiedman called THE SINNER.   The film is essentially a proof of concept for a series or film that he's working his ass to bring together.  If I were to describe it to anyone - I'd basically say that THE SINNER is a story about a man with great personal guilt on a never-ending quest for redemption, while constantly being drawn to the shadows.   The title character is played by a square-jawed stubbly badass named David Christopher, but also has Alex Jones performing his conspiratorial best and from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Katherine Willis as the tough as nails Agent Valentine.   

Talking with Wiedman, I learned that they fought and scraped to put this together - but I have to say...   there's a giggle in my heart for how he shoots Austin.   Making the town seem dangerously cool.  At this point, he's using this to try and set up THE SINNER as a web series or show.   You can watch the below preview for a taste or through the embed you can rent it and see the whole 35min affair.  Charles has plenty of talent, that's for sure.  It'd be nice to see what he could do with any real budget.   He has alot of potential.  

I love an unredeemable SINNER that tries to help those that nobody will...  but he's willing to sin to do it.   I think there's something to this:


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