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KICK-ASS 2 Gets A Trailer From The UK And Finally A Colonel Stars And Stripes Character Poster!!

The Kidd here...

It's funny seeing this new UK trailer for KICK-ASS 2 that focuses on Hit-Girl's awkward days adjusting to high school for a great part of it, because it almost doesn't play like a comic book movie at all, but some weird teen comedy about the weird, unpopular girl coming into her own. But we all know that isn't the case, now don't we?

There definitely is something missing from watching a regular green-band trailer for anything KICK-ASS though, as you don't get the full effect of the film's tone unless you're watching it completely unfiltered and uncensored... but that doesn't stop me from being quite excited to see with Jeff Wadlow has in store for us with the sequel come August. 

Also, those character posters released a short while back seemed to be missing one key component - a one sheet featuring Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars And Stripes. Well, not anymore...

Colonel Stars And Stripes KICK-ASS 2 Character One Sheet

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