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Logan Should Be Careful What He Wishes For In A Pair Of Teaser Trailers For THE WOLVERINE!!

The Kidd here...

Listen... if you're going to wind up being engaged in a large-scale fight with ninjas, you might want to have the ability to self-heal... that's all I'm saying. However, Logan has suffered enough loss through his immortality, and in THE WOLVERINE, it's time to get a small taste of the normal life. A pair of teaser trailers - one domestic, one international - have dropped this morning, and while there isn't a whole lot to get excited about in either (I will say the train bit does look cool), I got a bit of a SUPERMAN II vibe from the idea of this superhero of sorts suddenly having to come to grips with not having his powers anymore and thoroughly having to adjust his way of life as a result... you know, like maybe not taking on samurais when you're incredibly vulnerable to death.

Let's go domestic first...

And now international, which features some slightly different stuff...

THE WOLVERINE opens on July 26. 

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