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Washington D.C. Goes Kablooey, Emmerich-Style, In Trailer For WHITE HOUSE DOWN!

Beaks here...

With OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN currently cleaning up at the multiplexes, Sony has decided to remind you of their top-shelf, Washington-D.C.-in-peril action film coming out their summer.

From director Roland Emmerich (who's held a profitable on-screen grudge against 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since 1996's INDEPENDENCE DAY) and screenwriter James Vanderbilt (whose unrproduced adaptation of AGAINST ALL ENEMIES could be the ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN of 9/11 in the right hands) comes WHITE HOUSE DOWN. It stars Channing Tatum as an off-duty cop who happens to be touring the titular residence when some paramilitary shenanigans go down. Before you can say "Cappy Roberts", Tatum is down to his undershirt, squeezing off rounds to protect the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx). Will this be BIG to OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN's VICE VERSA, or are we looking at more of a THE ABYSS/LEVIATHAN situation? You tell me...


WHITE HOUSE DOWN opens June 28, 2013. Michael Murphy plays the Vice President, which means you have to watch MANHATTAN tonight.

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