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Did Zucker’s CNN Today Shoot Some Manner Of An Anderson Cooper-Kathy Griffin Pilot??

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One of people apparently not scandalized by Kathy Griffin faux-fellating Anderson Cooper on CNN New Year’s Eve was new CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

Individuals are claiming to have been audience members at a pilot shot Tuesday starring Griffin and Anderson, whose New Year’s Eve antics have been a solid draw at CNN for some time now.

While the show was not identified as a CNN pilot, Zucker was apparently spotted in attendance.

Cooper’s “AC 360” primetime ratings, meanwhile, have been abysmal, and his daytime talk show was recently cancelled.

Griffin’s live Thursday late-night Bravo talk show “Kathy,” which just concluded its second season, routinely pulls ratings comparable to or better than “Chelsea Lately” and “Conan.”

Find all of Deadline’s exclusive on the matter here.

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