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Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl journey NORTH OF HELL for Darko Entertainment!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. You know it's a slow news day when we're writing about Katherine Heigl joining a film, but perhaps this one would have made the cut even on a quick-paced, non-holiday workweek style day because while Heigl joining a movie isn't exactly the kind of information most of you guys come to AICN for, the fact that she's playing a horrible, controlling wife of nice-guy Patrick Wilson in a film called North of Hell for Richard Kelly's Darko Entertainment kind of ups interest factor.

I love me a good dark comedy and if they want to develop one with Heigl playing the heavy I could totally buy that. Skateland director Anthony Burns will direct and write, according to Deadline.

So... yeah. That's the news. Since Hell is in the title I'm going to assume Heigl is playing the cloven-hoofed one. I mean, look at the below! The face of pure evil!

I'm sorry for calling you evil, Katherine. I know you have a nasty reputation, but I'm sure you're not Satan and deep down a loving, kind and caring person.

-Eric Vespe
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