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A Look At Some Characters From Disney Animation's PLANES, A Spinoff Of Pixar's CARS!!


planes title design


I stand by my assertion that the CARS universe is secretly Pixar's exploration of life on Earth long after machines have completely taken over and extinguished humanity.  So, if CARS is Pixar's vision of a post-Skynet world, PLANES...a CARS spinoff coming this August from Disney Animation...might be seen as the HK-Aerial-centric sidestory within the same setting.  Perhaps someday we'll see an epic battle for supremacy between the PLANES and the CARS?

USA Today has a nice look at a number characters who will populate the conspicuously humanless world.  Click any image to jump to their gallery of more.  Look upon the instruments of our downfall!   

planes character

planes character

planes character





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