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"You'll never see me coming." New Iron Man 3 TV spot is Mandarin heavy!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Since the very first trailer for Iron Man 3 we've gotten the sense that Tony Stark has finally come up against something that is a real challenge for him. The Mandarin is smart and seemingly ruthless in who he goes after. In the below TV spot you see Pepper in jeopardy and a quick shot of a very, very hurt Happy Hogan. It feels like all of Mr. Stark's comfort zones are being invaded and that is a good thing.

What you don't want is for Iron Man to start treading water, to be able to meet any challenge with a quick flex of super upgraded tech. That would get very boring very quickly.

Being a massive Shane Black fan, I'm dying to see how this one turned out. Check out the latest TV spot below!

-Eric Vespe
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