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Hey folks, Harry here - I've just returned from JURASSIC PARK 3D, more on that soon, but I got home and lickety split discovered that JJ has opened up a bit about STAR WARS EPISODE VII - and as we start barrelling towards the release of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS...   it's going to get a little crazy.   Now, JJ doesn't reveal anything in the article, but for the first time we're getting a sense of his excitement.   When talking about the universes of STAR TREK & STAR WARS - the key thing that he told EMPIRE that really confirms my belief in JJ is this: "The movies, the worlds could not be more different but that feeling that there’s something amazing here is the thing that they share."

A lot of folks criticized JJ's STAR TREK for borrowing a bit too much from the STAR WARS universe - but frankly if you had watched the STAR TREK Animated Series or read the Star Trek novels...  you'd know that JJ, noted STAR WARS fan, was simply making STAR TREK more cinematic - which in Science Fiction / Fantasy terms kinda is gonna take you in STAR WARS' direction - BUT - his STAR TREK was still very definitely STAR TREK.  

STAR WARS is a fantasy first and foremost - and it doesn't require the adherence to physics and logic the way STAR TREK tends to want to.   That JJ understands this, well, it's the number one reason why I think he's perfect for the project.  He gets it.   That might not be fully evident in the EMPIRE piece which is the beginning of a very long run of articles where JJ will do his best to avoid specifics.   I think the most important thing is JJ cops to the fact that Spielberg knows everything that is going on with STAR WARS - so...  obviously we need to strap Steven down, administer the right drugs and we'll know everything.    SO...  Who's gonna get the Beard to talk?




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