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MGM Still Has A DEATH WISH, And It Involves Gerardo Naranjo!!

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There was a crushing sense of disappointment when Joe Carnahan was put in a position to have to withdraw from his plan for DEATH WISH over at MGM. It had been a project he had talked passionately about for some time, and would have been a very interesting take on the source material, taking someone we wouldn't ever expect to be consumed by violence and throwing them into a world of vigilante justice. MGM didn't see it that way though, wanting a more action-heavy approach, as evidenced by their push to have Bruce Willis front the film, and the project has been director-less since Carnahan walked away, refusing to compromise his vision. 

That is... until now, with Variety reporting that Gerardo Naranjo, who is developing THE MOUNTAINS BETWEEN US over at Fox and has MISS BALA to his credit already, looks to be the filmmaker being brought onto the film to fill the director's chair vacancy. No lead has been cast, so Naranjo will most likely have some input into that decision, but one would guess he's ready to play ball on one of those bigger stars that the studio wants... the very names Carnahan didn't believe fit his version. 

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