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AICN Toys: Classic Batman And Robin, INJUSTICE, Marvel Select Nightcrawler, And More!!


John Ary here with a quick look at a few action figure lines that are making headlines this week... As always click on the photos for an embiggened version and for more info follow the pre-order links...



CLASSIC BATMAN AND ROBIN TWO-PACK FROM MATTEL Batman Classics 1966 TV Moments Action Figure Two-Pack from Mattel

We first saw the new 6-inch line of classic TV Batman figures at Toy Fair several weeks ago, but two toys were absent from the big event. We now know what the Batman and Robin two-pack will look like. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder take on one of their most famous gimmicks with wall-scaling poseability and open window display base. These two will POW! their way onto toy shelves in July or you can preorder them here.




Injustice Gods Among Us: The Flash vs. Raven 3.75 Inch Action Figure Two Pack Set

We found out this week why Superman turns evil in the new Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. He accidentally punches a pregnant Lois Lane into space... sigh. Let's be honest though. Who really cares about the STORY in a DC Comics fighting game? I just want to beat the hell out of Aquaman. Something else we found out about the new game this week: Raven will be a playable character, as revealed by this Injustice 3.75-inch action figure two-pack. It will ship at the end of July.




Marvel Select Nightcrawler Marvel Select NightcrawlerMarvel Select Nightcrawler

This is what it looks like when a mutant and a demon have a baby. The swashbuckling and teleporting Kurt Wagner stands roughly 7-inches tall with 16 points of articulation, and comes with a “bamf” cloud base. This X-Man will magically appear at comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers later this month or you can preorder him here.




Jakob's Claptrap from NECA

Be on the lookout for a new version of the popular Borderlands robot. This one is based off the Claptrap that first appeared in the Borderlands’ DLC The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Just like the original release it will feature poseable arms, a rolling wheel, a retractable antenna, and a base that resembles Pandora’s terrain. If you’re hoping for more action figures based on the characters of the game, don’t hold your breath. According to the Pyscho Bandit from wave 1 didn’t sell very well, so more character figures seem unlikely. This little guy will roll onto store shelves in June or you can preorder him here.



MICKEY AND FRIENDS CHO GATTAI KING CHOGOKIN FROM BANDAI JAPAN Mickey and Friends Cho Gattai King Chogokin Action Figure It’s like a mix between Voltron and the Magic Kingdom. In a collaboration between Tamashii Nations and Disney, some classic characters will be turned into transforming and combining “Gattai” robots. This die-cast robo combiner mecha features 7 individual robots including Jet Mickey, Sky Minnie, Diver Donald, Aqua Daisy, Land Goofy, Ace Willie, Dash Pluto and Kennel. Once combined, the King Robot will stand just a little over 8-inches high. Dream Stick and Magical Mirror accessories also come in the set, along with 6 original-illustration postcards as a limited first-production bonus. This will land in the states this May or you can pre-order it here.  

And finally this week, Transformers have undergone a new branding initiative with the upcoming line of Beast Hunters toys. In the third season of Transformers Prime, the Autobots will not only have to battle Megatron's Decepticons, but also the Predacons. Here's a promo for the new toy line.

That's it this week. If you want more toy news follow my toy blog on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel.

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