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Tense Korean Crime Thriller NEW WORLD is in Limited Release Tomorrow!

“Monty Cristo” here once again… 

The good folks at Well Go USA have passed along an exclusive clip from NEW WORLD, which finds an undercover cop (Lee Jung-Jae, The Housemaid and The Thieves) torn between loyalties to the job he’s sworn to do on both sides of the law. His boss is played by Oldboy’s Choi Min-sik, and other notable names include The Unjust’s Hwang Jun-min. After the death of a major crime boss, there's an internal struggle over who will ascend to his position. The police send one of their own in under deep cover. 

The clip further below does a good job of showing off the thick game of intimidation that runs throughout the movie. I’ve embedded the theatrical trailer first and then the clip. Check them out, and then check out what cities it’s coming to tomorrow (March 22): 



It’s in theaters in the following markets tomorrow (for a more detailed theater list check the page on Well Go USA's site here):

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Washington DC
Las Vegas


I’m trying to get a review up at some point tomorrow, but am not sure how quickly I’ll be able to dive into this sucker. It’s got some good names I trust attached, and everything I’ve seen has made it seem pretty damn good.

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