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Could This New INTO DARKNESS International Poster Look Any Less STAR TREKy??


Hot on the heels of this BRAND NEW INTERNATIONAL TRAILER comes a new International poster for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.  Here's the Australian version, other International variants are pretty much the same.  It is EMBIGGENABLE.  

New STID International Poster


Per TrekMovie, the poster was actually unlockable via URLs strategically embedded within the new trailer linked above.  A fun gag...maybe they'll do something like this within the film itself, and drive us all mad with the Where's Waldoness of it all!? 

OK.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Team Abrams has up its sleeves with this movie, so I don't want to come across as a 'hater' in any way.  This said, I must register my distress over this poster.  As my man John Ary commented,  "Take the 'Star Trek" off of it and you would have no idea this movie takes place in that universe."  A fair and succinct criticism which I truly hope does not spill over into the film itself.  This...looks like standard action posturing, and certainly doesn't suggest TREK through any means other than one word.  Geek Titan Robert Meyer Burnett has openly pondered whether any of this new film will take place in space, given that much of the film's promo material to date has suggested an openly Earthbound slant.  Based on what we've seen so far, this is a fair concern to be sure, although I'd also argue that many of CLASSIC TREK's very best episodes (Assignment: Earth, The City on the Edge of Forever, and THE VOYAGE HOME movie) actually have precious little space stuff in 'em. Burnett's aprehension looks to be increasingly well founded, however, potentially borne out by the kind of footage we've been seeing and the nature of this new poster.  Will there actually be any STAR TREK in this new STAR TREK movie?  A question which has multiple interpretations.  

We'll see when the film opens May 17 in the US, and earlier for those bastardly international markets which are getting earlier than North America.  After so much effort has been taken to protect  the Geekverse some spoilers for this picture, seems an odd move to then release the movie at disparately different times overseas - which is essentially fragmenting the waiting fanbase and facilitating the very flow of spoilage I thought they were trying to stem.  

Ah, well...




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