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The Rock Spinning Off His Own Leg Of The FAST/FURIOUS Franchise!!

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The FAST/FURIOUS franchise may be getting a little bit bigger after FAST & FURIOUS 6. I already told you how this summer's installment will lead into #7, and that will continue moving the core crew forward into at least one more sequel, but with the story arc for The Rock's character of Luke Hobbs wrapping up, why not spin-off from the series to give him his own set of stories to be told?

That's the thinking over at Universal right now as Dwayne Johnson revealed to Empire doing press for G.I. JOE: RETALIATION. The goal is for the the Hobbs to be built up enough over this next film that "possibly" he would get his own solo branch of the F&F Universe after #6. One could also guess that Gina Carano, who looks to be partnered up with him for this coming chapter, might also go along for the ride, where they could eventually branch her off and the brand of FAST/FURIOUS can expand even further.

The Hobbs side of things would be interesting, because rather than have a group seemingly always on the run, you'd have a bad-ass piece of law enforcement who tracks down those types. I think it'd be another new way for the franchise to reinvent itself, much like FAST FIVE did in moving away from street racing into capers and heists territory, and The Rock is a great fit for the material as it is. I'm all for this if this is indeed Universal's plan moving forward, and I think it'd be in pretty capable hands being built around Johnson. 

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