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Kiefer Sutherland joins Paul WS Anderson's latest disaster (movie)

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm tough on poor ol' Paul WS Anderson and I feel bad about that sometimes. I know a few people who know him and they swear up and down that he's a sweet guy, a true geek with the best of intentions. So I start feeling bad, then start thinking I'm being too harsh. I mean, Event Horizon is pretty good and Mortal Kombat... well, it's shitty, but shitty in the right ways.

Then I watch literally anything else he's ever been a part of and I don't feel so guilty anymore. But like I said, I like Event Horizon, so I have a small sliver of hope for any one of his new movies (except if the words "Residet" or "Evil" are in the title). That's where I am with Pompeii, his latest film, a disaster flick about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

The film began shooting last week and will star Game of Thrones' Kit Harington as a slave trying to rescue the love of his life, his master's daughter (Emily Browning), as the shit hits the fan.

The Hollywood Reporter says Kiefer Sutherland is in final negotiations to play the main bad guy, a Roman senator and slaver who is trying to steal Browning away for himself (who can blame him, really?).

I love it when Kiefer Sutherland plays a bad guy, so I guess there's that. Let's hope Paul WS Anderson's Pompeii 3-D is watchable...

-Eric Vespe
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