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A New TURBO Trailer Speeds Online!!

The Kidd here...

The one thing that's always seemed to bother me about DreamWorks Animation's pictures is their voice casts, always overflowing with talent, seem to overshadow the actual film at hand. It never seems to be voices blending into the characters; it's always characters created to enhance the voices. For instance, in this new trailer for TURBO, how can you not be a bit distracted by the sound of Snoop Dogg Lion as a snail? You're not thinking to yourself, "Hmmm... who does that snail sound like? Oh, I'll look at the credits later to find out." You're thinking, "Damn, that's Snoop Dogg Lion. Man, what's he doing in this movie? Wow, I remember the first time I heard..." and then you're already partially taken out of the film. 

With that said, TURBO looks like it may be quality family entertainment hitting at the right time of the summer (July 19)... and well... for a animated flick that builds towards racing, it certainly appears more appealing than either of the CARS movies. 

-Billy Donnelly

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