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David Goyer To Put His Spin On THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO!!

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Alexandre Dumas' THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO has been adapted many times over into film form, most recently in 2002 with Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce, but that's not going to stop Constantin Films from going back to the well once again to try to do something fresh with the property. The Hollywood Reporter reports that David Goyer has signed the dotted line to direct this new version of THE COUNT, with the idea being to do something more in the vein of the Guy Ritchie-SHERLOCK HOLMES films than keeping it strictly early 19th Century as just about all of its predecessors have done. Constantin tried to do something similar last year with their 3-D modernization of THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and it was met with mixed results. 

For those unfamiliar with THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, the film is centered around Edmond Dantes, who is wrongly imprisoned after a betrayal. While serving his time, he comes across another prisoner who educates him and also directs him in the way of a great fortune. Later Dantes will escape and seek his revenge against those who took everything from him. 

Goyer was an integral part of Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT trilogy, and has sole screenwriter credit on MAN OF STEEL, so there's a bit of confidene to be had that he might be able to make this adaptation work where others have turned out films that weren't very good. 

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