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Gru Is Back To Fight Villains In New DESPICABLE ME 2 Trailer!!

DESPICABLE ME 2 Teaser One Sheet #2

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The more I've seen the first DESPICABLE ME since its release (my son is a big fan and watched it all the time for awhile), the more I've come to appreciate its dark humor, which fits comfortably in-between its moments of cuteness and its family-friendly presentation. The Minions provide their fair share of entertainment value, but when Steve Carell's Gru is allowed to be at his baddest, that's where the film has given me the most laughs. 

However, with the super-villain developing a heart of gold already, I'm quite curious to see where they could take the story next for a sequel. With everyone ending up as a big happy family last time, what type of conflict could arise now? And we get a bit of an idea in the new trailer Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have released for DESPICABLE ME 2, as Gru is called upon to use his prior villainous ways to stop new super-villains from taking over/destroying the world. There's enough Minion gags here to generate some laughs, but not much surrounding Gru and his new mission, and while I wish I could see a bit more to have some idea on how this follow-up is going to shake out, I can't complain too much that Universal isn't putting everything out there right now, and is holding plenty back for us to experience once we actually get inside the theatre. 

Right now, they just need to build awareness that the brand is returning, and, if you enjoyed the first one, you'll most likely return for a second helping. I think this new trailer does the trick. 

-Billy Donnelly

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