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It's Joel Silver's Turn To Attempt An ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake/Reboot!

Snake Plissken

Beaks here...

I thought this was dead.

Actually, it was. New Line fought and scraped to get an ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake before cameras while they still owned the option to John Carpenter's 1981 classic, and they got pretty close. Breck Eisner was attacehd to direct, while folks like Jeremy Renner, Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy were allegedly in the running to play Snake Plissken. New Line eventually let that option lapse, but it was only a matter of time before someone else snatched it up and gave it a go.

According to Deadline, that someone is Joel Silver, who has partnered with Studio Canal to reboot the Snake Plissken saga as a trilogy. The Deadline piece cites Fox's RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES as Silver's primary inspiration - which probably means we'll start with Plissken as a soldier and go from there. Plissken's vague backstory was one of the many charms of the 1981 film, but, to be honest, the best thing Silver can do is get as far away from Carpenter and Kurt Russell as possible. This is why I kind of hope Snake will be a woman in the reboot.

Not that I really care. I mean, if Silver gets some talented filmmakers on this (like, say, the DREDD crew), I might pay attention. But this is not for me. Fortunately, the original isn't going anywhere.


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