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Come see Park Chan Wook's STOKER in Austin at the Alamo Village on March 20th! Details here!

Hey folks, Harry here...  While those of you in larger markets have already been enjoying the brilliance of Park Chan Wook's first English language masterpiece, STOKER...   we here in Austin have had to wait.   There was a small press screening a few weeks back - and the second I saw the film, I contacted the folks in charge to see if we could get an AICN screening of STOKER at the Alamo Village.

STOKER is to SHADOW OF A DOUBT, what DePalma's BODY DOUBLE is to REAR WINDOW...   and if you know those films - you know that DePalma sexualized and steered the story in entirely new directions.   Other than the fact that there's an Uncle involed and violence...   they're not overtly related, but it seems critics are tying the films together.   The main thing you need to know is that STOKER is absolutely fantastic!  Hypnotic filmmaking that will dazzle your eyes and ears.  The sound mix on this film is extraordinary.   If you love film, do not miss this!

The screening is this Wednesday, March 20th at 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Village!

How do you get in?

Send an email to: HK at AintItCool.Com with the subject line:

I'm Stoked For STOKER!!!

Then, in the body of your email - include your full name and the full names of up to 3 guests!

And - What is your favorite Erotic Suspense Film?


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